Lisa Brat Martinez is All Smiles after Beating Her Terminal Diagnosis with Dante's Intervention.

Lisa Brat Martinez is All Smiles after Beating Her Terminal Diagnosis with Dante’s Intervention.

Lisa Martinez - Before Dante's InterventionLisa “Brat” Martinez from Houston, Texas, was told by 3 doctors that she had less than 6 months left to live.
Lisa suffered from many compounded medical conditions, including Heart Arrhythmia, Liver failure, Kidney Disease, Tuberculosis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her doctors placed her on the organ donor transplant list, but told her there was no hope in getting new organs in time to save her life.  She felt doomed. As Lisa prepared her children for their last Christmas together, she said her goodbyes and made peace with her past.

She was not the type to take disease lying down.  She petitioned and spoke before congress on the treatment of arthritis patients, and was awarded the title of Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation.  In addition, Lisa attends breast cancer walks, feeds the homeless, and is involved in various charity functions, always giving of her time and talents to help others.

With only 2 months left to live, Lisa saw a video that I posted on Facebook from “The Secret”, which said that Stress is the #1 cause of disease.  Feeling hopeful, she called me and launched into the story of how she’d been diagnosed with seven deadly conditions.  I was astounded. Here was one of the strongest, most vibrant, extremely positive individuals that I’ve known for many years, now telling me that she was basically dying.

Lisa had been prompted to look into alternative options like Dante’s Intervention, after a recommendation from singer, Chris Brown, who suggested that she find a naturopath healer.  There was some serious synchronicity in his recommendation, because not long after she was told to look for other options, I had posted the video from “The Secret” that prompted Lisa to call me.

Due to Lisa’s limiting health condition, all ofP1000920 our coaching sessions were conducted via telephone. As time was of the essence, I promptly recommended she enroll in my Beat Your Diagnosis Intensive Care Healing Program, so that we could tackle the problem on a full-time basis for faster results.  We met for 3 hours the first day, and then a week later, we spoke for another 3 hours.  We then took a break so she could implement all of the recommended and agreed upon changes.  In the interim, Lisa went back to the doctor, who said her tests were inconclusive and that she had to submit to more testing.  Nervous, she called me with the news.  However, I had already began to suspect that she was healing quickly, because she had taken my coaching cues and suggestions quickly, effortlessly, and with many moments of clarity that lead to a great epiphany – as she was a natural at healing and understanding psychology.  Just in case, we spent another 3 hours of session time that day to plow through a few more issues that were blocking her immune system’s natural healing function.

“Wait…so… I’m doing all of this to myself…!?  Wow!  I can change this… I can do things differently.”

One of the alarming things Lisa told me during our session is that the late celebrity psychic, Sylvia Brown, had told her to keep her hands closed when she encountered people with negative energies.  This was a HUGE red-flag to me, because closing the hands anchors emotions to the body – whether negative or positive – meaning that this was precisely the wrong thing for Lisa to do.  Lisa is a public figure who meets a lot of people with varying energies during her travels and appearances. This terrible recommendation of closing her hands when she meets with bad energies would have actually caused her to form emotional triggers in her memory, as well as physically anchoring the bad energy to her body – which could very well explain why she become ill with so many different conditions in such a short amount of time.  I immediately taught her to keep her hands open, especially when meeting with negative experiences or bad energies.  This was just one of the many trivial issues that contributed to the decline in health for this beautifully talented young woman.

When I spoke with Lisa one month later, she immediately burst into tears of joy. She explained that her doctors had told her — that day — that she only has 1 disease left —  out of the 7 deadly conditions she had in January, when we first started her intervention.

“I am so thankful that I no longer have to take 5 bottles of pills every day!”, she cried.


Lisa “Brat” Martinez and Dante’ Sears, CHt, NLLC, RMP, TTRS – Six Months After Lisa Beat Her Diagnosis and Doctors Confirmed that Lisa is Healed.

I was speechless.  We cried together.  Not only had my  intervention worked – the results were a veritable MIRACLE.

Pharmeceutical Drugs No More

Pharmaceutical Drugs No More

One of Lisa’s doctors actually told her,  “Whatever your therapist is doing – keep going to her”.

In fact, Lisa’s doctor said she was so sad to see Lisa go – because there was only one disease left – Rheumatoid Arthritis – and test results showed that it was almost completely healed, as well. We were stunned.  Lisa went from dying with 7 diseases – to 95% better and Living with Purpose — in just a few weeks.

Lisa is a walking miracle – and we are so proud of her. She was brave enough to share her story to help others stand up for their lives and find true healing.

Lisa hasn’t even finished her Dante’s Intervention Coaching program — and yet, her life and career are blossoming — better than ever.

Lisa is writing a book about her journey of healing to share her experience with others. She has requested we share her story with the world – so she can help us save lives.

I recently met up with Lisa at an All-Star Charity Event, here in Los Angeles, California.  The hugs I gave her —as I hugged her tightly, I said —

“This moment is a miracle! You are a walking Miracle –

Do you realize that?!”

Of course she realizes the miracle of her recovery!  We are so thrilled to know that her four beautiful children will have their mother for years to come – thanks to Lisa’s courage to change – and Dante’s Intervention.

Lisa Martinez family

The Martinez Family Celebrating Lisa’s Recovery at Disneyland.



Dante’ Sears and Lisa Martinez – Looking back at our amazing accomplishment together.


Reuniting in Triumph! Lisa Martinez and Dante’ Sears at a charity event in North Hollywood, CA.








There is so much more to Lisa’s Story, so Stay Tuned… more Miraculous Details to Come.

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