We have all heard how stress is bad for you. Stress can keep you up at night, affect your mood, dim your outlook, and illicit strong emotions such as anger or sadness—which can lead to depression. While we have all experienced the effects of stress on our day-to-day lives, few of us have taken the time to consider how stress is affecting our health. Since we are not able to see what is happening internally, we are not quick to connect stress with the health complications that arise in our lives.

“Health and wellness begin from the inside-out. The human body is designed to heal itself, naturally. We need only remove the mental-emotional barriers preventing healing. What many people do not understand is that stress weakens the immune system and releases cortisol, which suppresses immune function and inhibits your natural ability to heal. In today’s busy society, the population lives with a higher level of stress, which attributes the higher numbers fatal diseases and deaths.”
– Dante Sears Geyer, CHt, NLLC

In the Western world, many turn to medical professionals for the latest prescription drugs to help address their health problems. However, many times these prescriptions become a long-term necessity, never addressing the root-cause. This leaves many ill from the side-effects of long-term use. Some even become addicted to their prescription medications. After being told  by doctors, “there is nothing more we can do”,  others will seek out alternative solutions — which is precisely what Life Intervention Coach, Dante Sears Geyer, specializes in.

Dante’s unique approach to integrative health combines disciplines like psychology, neuroscience, guided imagery, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Trauma Release, and Reiki energy healing, to name a few. These disciplines are combined to target, reprogram, and heal the mind, which, in turn, enables to immune system to heal the entire body.

Dante Sears Geyer, founder of DSG Intervention.

Dante Sears Geyer, founder of Dante’s Intervention Healing & Wellness Center.

“The human brain is the largest pharmacy known to man, with over 300 chemical compounds, which, when released, can make you feel happy, sad, relieve pain, or cause depression.  Even when you are externally happy and stress-free, internally there can be many underlying subconscious triggers, which when activated, cause negativity, unwanted behaviors, and emotional turmoil – all caused by unresolved emotional trauma and negative perceptions stored in the brain. These underlying secret stress conditions can inhibit your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Stress collapses the immune system and causes the release of cortisol, a hormone that delays healing.”

– Life Intervention Coach, Dante Sears Geyer

PsychoNeuroImmunology Intervention Strategy

PsychoNeuroImmunology, the study of the effect of the brain and CNS upon immune system function, provides adequate evidence that psychological factors affect personal health.

Many patients become frustrated when they end up with a disease, because they expected their doctors to educate them and to be aware what was happening inside their bodies. However, doctors do not have the time to fully educate patients, nor can they readily identify how you are feeling and treating yourself between visits. Dante Sears Geyer recommends that doctor’s offices and hospitals integrate Wellness Coaches and Subconscious Interventionists into their networks and practices, which increases patient wellness, survival, and recovery rates, as well as lowers malpractice claims, increasing patient satisfaction, and boosts the efficiency of treatment. Such integration will boost the physician and hospital’s public image, while adding tremendous value to client’s lives, and lowering frivolous healthcare costs.

“Imagine a world where the medical system worked perfectly and it‘s patients were empowered to heal and develop better habits that would improve their health – and increase their life span. Doctors would be more , revered, empowered, and satisfied with their work – and patients would be healthier, happier, and more educated, instead of seeing their doctor for issues like headaches, inflammation, and issues caused by diet and lifestyle. That world is my mission – and it starts with wellness coach integration.”
-Dante Sears Geyer, Life Intervention Coach

If you are seeking a way to change your internal chemistry and heal your body from disease, dysfunction, trauma, or disorders – without pharmaceutical drugs or surgery —  you can learn more about Life Intervention Coach, Dante Sears Geyer, by visiting www.DanteSears.com.
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