Western medicine says there are no cures for diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. However, holistic practitioners have long found success in healing the root cause of diseases and disorders with natural herbs and mindfulness practices like guided meditation, hypnosis, and deep breathing exercises like yoga. While western medicine focuses on treating symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries, and procedures; holistic health care focuses on prevention, stress reduction, and total body healing. Since stress is the leading cause of disease, treatments that include mind-body relaxation, stress management, and nutrition, are highly complementary to healing. Interestingly, it was the Father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, who said,

“I would rather know the man that has the disease, than to know the dis-ease, itself” .

Hippocrates understood that the brain is the control center for the body.
Once the brain is cleared of dysfunctional programming (similar to a computer with a virus) the mind & body recover to homeostasis (perfect health). All active diseases and disorders stop in their tracks and begin to reverse completely.

The human immune system was designed to eradicate threats and heal the body.
However, when the body or mind is under stress, it causes the body to enter “fight or flight” mode.
When this emergency state is active, the body suppresses the immune system and releases cortisol (a hormone that delays healing), as well as decreasing all bodily functions like digestion, breathing, and sleepiness, until the emergency is over. When the body remains stressed for long, periods of time, the body begins to break down, which leads to the onset of disease (dis-ease).


Healthy Living is a lifestyle. Many people are aware of the health benefits of a proper diet and avoiding stress, but not everyone can consciously make the switch. While some can immediately commit to a drastic lifestyle change – to lose weight, improve health, exercise, and heal – many need outside help, in the form of an intervention. Self-esteem issues from negative childhood conditioning and/or traumatic events cause scarring in the brain and create psychological blocks, which further impede progress and inhibit the individual from making effective changes. Additionally, many suffer from disorders like depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and anxiety, which further complicates their ability to heal. Once an intervention is successful, the individual will find it easy to make the necessary changes to lifestyle and diet.

Life Interventionist, Dante Sears Geyer, specializes in coaching individuals to “Heal Yourself and Improve Your Life” through life coaching and Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) techniques that focus on Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) interventions, which means using psychology to heal the mind and body.

Dante explains, “The reason that most people cannot change bad habits is because the behavior happens unconsciously, meaning the cause for the habitual behavior is stored within the subconscious mind. To access the subconscious mind, one must be in a state like hypnosis or guided meditation; a state of reflection in which a skilled professional can guide you through resolving the root cause of the problem (habit, behavior, addiction, phobia, disease, or disorder).” What most people do not realize is that we are all all subject to the most powerful hypnotic devices in the world every day – the tv, computer, telephone, radio, and books. A clinical hypnotherapist utilizes the state of hypnosis to guide you through switching off your conscious, forward thinking mind (processing mode), so that you can enable your subconscious (programming mode) to repair itself.

Dante Sears headshot

Dante Sears Geyer, CHt, NLLC, RMP, TTRS founder of Dante’s Intervention.


Losing her father to cancer when she was only four years old, Dante Sears Geyer was inspired to help others heal so they can lead happier, healthier, more satisfying lives.

Stress weakens the immune system and delays healing, so we eliminate the cause of the stress – and voila… Goodbye disease. Goodbye tension. Suddenly, you feel empowered, relaxed, and focused. It’s really quite rejuvenating”, coos Dante in a You Tube video. She specializes in an intervention a process that guides clients through life analysis and self-healing techniques that heal the body and mind. Dante’s Interventions combine alternative healing methods like Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), clinical hypnotherapy, and Timeline Trauma Release (to name a few). This process restores the immune system, blocks cortisol, and signals cell renewal, which promotes wellness within the body. The result is renewed sense of being, self confidence, and hyper-accelerated healing. It’s not rocket science, it’s a simple science of eliminating the cause and effect.

An example of a cause for Dante’s Intervention: A woman with rheumatoid arthritis discovers the onset was programmed during her childhood, when she felt powerless to speak up for herself, which was then activated in her adult life in a similar life event and relationship, which triggered those feelings of powerlessness and rage.  Such powerful feelings create a rigid tension and pressure within the body, signaling an emergency of sorts, which drains the life force until rectified. Over time, this condition leads to a specific disease (dis-ease).

PNI Intervention Strategy

Psychoneuroimmunology finds that feelings, thoughts & emotions determine proper immune system function and health.

UCLA is highly involved in the practice and study of mind-body interventions (psychoneuroimmunology) at the the Cousins Center for PsychoNeuroImmunology, where interventions are applied to sufferers of ailments like cancer, auto-immune diseases like lupus and RA, sleep disorders,  and mental health issues. PsychoNeuroImmunology, which the study of the brain and Central Nervous System’s effect upon the immune system, provides adequate evidence that psychological factors have a large impact on personal health outcomes. 



The Human Body is an electro-magnetic force that can activate powerful self-healing mechanisms whenever properly aligned.

Your body is constantly regenerating itself. When new cells form, they can either duplicate existing (less healthy) cells – or form brand new (healthier) cells. This process is controlled unconsciously, by the brain. In fact, approximately every seven years, the human body completely regenerates itself. What decides whether a cell duplicates more of the same – or forms a brand new cell – depends on the messages, or beliefs that are carried throughout the body (programming) Think of it as an emotional climate. When we change the messages of the body from injured or stressed, to relaxed and healing, the mind responds by creating more efficient habits, thoughts, and behaviors to promote wellness, happiness, and success.

Just to recap:
If your body were a computer. Your brain would be the hard drive. The virus would be a disease. Your Central Nervous System would be the central processing unit (CPU). Dante’s Intervention is the ultimate Spy Sweeper and system restore that cleans your hard drive, memory cards, and computer of viruses and dysfunctional programming.

Not everyone is aware of their negative beliefs, so even when they try to stop thinking negatively, using positive affirmations, exercise, meditation, etc., they cannot maintain the changes, because the bad habits causing the problems are stored in their unconscious mind. In this case, Dante’s Intervention is needed to heal the subconscious mind of emotional scar tissue.

With Subconscious Interventions, we can heal the mind and body from past injuries, manage pain, heal incurable diseases like cancer and heart disease, eliminate mental disorders, and overcome life’s challenges with ease. Don’t waste another day living in disorder and disease, sign up for the SelfHealth Club at Dante’s Intervention. Avec l’évolution de ce type de se rendre sur un confort beaucoup plus les joueurs peuvent y accéder à ces jeux de casino réel pour faire face aux jeux qu’on retrouve sur un casino est disponible en général la chance de jeux avec téléchargement se rendre sur leurs expériences . jeux de casino en ligne gratuit Il arrive alors comprendre que les mêmes moments de la technique JavaScript. Ces deux grands logiciels proposés par la technologie HTML5. Celle-ci est celui qu’on retrouve dans la quasi-totalité des jeux gratuits de casino : il s’agit de casino gratuit ». Dans cette section, le Serveur .