A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste…

I just spent the last half hour communicating via text with a “potential client” who switched multiple personalities and then multiple manipulation tactics and insults, then ‘nice’ again – all in a matter of moments. Is this a cry for help – or someone trying to bring harm to me?

A bit of both or the latter, I’d say.

Last week I spent 5 hours consoling a “victim” who then turned on me the next day without notice and continues to refer to me in a derogatory manner in her posts after tearfully thanking me just the night before and saying she Loved Me.

What is this “Split Personality” Sickness I’ve seen growing in people? Is the internet exacerbating this behavior? …Or simply connecting them with platforms to reach more potential “helper-victims”?

Narcissists hide behind a friendly or sad mask.

I’ve seen Thousands of successful Spontaneous Healings, and continue to see them daily in my Metaphysician Practice, but there is one disease my gifts cannot combat; Narcissism.

Narcissism is a genius’ disease. Narcissists love their sickness and consider it strength. Although I love a challenge, no disease can be healed if the host doesn’t truly want to get better.

You’d be surprised how many people come to me to heal, the when I quickly present the simple solution, they suddenly have to admit to themselves that they really don’t want to HEAL or get better. Wow, right?!?!?

On some level, They LOVE the ATTENTION their sickness brings. They’d rather suck the life out of family, healers, empaths, humanitarians, and anyone else who dare try to answer their cries for help, because they feel the world owes it to them.

A narcissist is in full control of their actions and is playing a dangerous game with themselves, thinking we’re all fooled, when the only fool is them. Its tragic, really, because they are truly miserable little kids trapped in a trauma memory.

A narcissist isn’t who you think they are. Society paints them to be the celebrity wannabe – and they are, to some degree – but it’s much deeper than that. They are angry, jealous, bitter, and raging inside, wanting to be vindicated. However, when they approach you, they are sweet or very sad, looking for help, or pretending to want to be a friend of someone who is confident and a giver.

Unfortunately, they have zero positive intentions for you. The narcissist needs to put you down to make them feel good. They need you to feel wrong for being right. Narcissists play on your sympathy; masquerading as a victim and/or suffering extreme depression to draw the Good Samaritan in as their victim.

I am not saying all depressed people are narcissists, but when you encounter cruelty from them, back away and don’t turn back.

Refer them to get help, but don’t fall into their trap. The only way to heal a narcissist is to leave them alone until, out of the sheer despair and loneliness, they decide to repair their heart, break down their heart walls, learn how to be kind and live in integrity. It’s a long road.

We can love them from afar and pray for their recovery, but we cannot help them until they decide to own up to their own transgressions, forgive the wrongdoers of their past, forgive themselves completely, and begin the process of healing their own heart to fix their life. It can be done. I’ve seen it and I’ve lived it. ??

To All of my coaches, healers, consultants, business owners, friends, and family out there; can you relate? Have you had to say goodbye to a client or potential client out of sheer necessity and self-preservation? I find that the faster we can identify these individuals and choose to minimize our level of involvement, the faster they will realize that no one is playing their game – and then – and only then – can they face what is within and let the healing process begin.

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